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If an attack order has a right turn of 90º, When can I turn the platoons?
When they are in line with the "bend" in the command arrow.

What is the meaning of "Unopposed" (3.7.2)?
Basically that you cannot see any enemy. Remember Recon count for this, but not for changing orders (ie. You can use Recon as an excuse to stop moving, but not to change orders).

When a battalion with an attack order reaches its objective, How does it organize its defense?
TURN 1 - HQ reaches attack objective (end of arrow) and halts, other platoons either advance 6" parallel to arrow, or if enemy are visible fight as desired. At the end of this turn unit automatically has orders changed to DEFEND in command phase.
TURN 2 - Unit has now received order change. HQ must halt and not move (because it is a DEFEND order), all other stands can move and pivot any amount desired as per order change rules (see also pivoting, etc... in the rules).
TURN 3 - Unit has now redeployed to DEFEND orders and MUST operate strictly to defend orders as per rules 3.8 and 3.8.1.


If an enemy has been spotted by any platoon of the battalion then another platoon of the same battalion, although it has not spotted the enemy itself, can pivot 45º to react (rule 3.7.2)?


These have the advantage of using vehicle movement and 9" vs 6" range, when fired on uses 5 as defense vs. AI and 2/2 as defense vs. AT attack, attacker's choice? Opposing infantry cannot use AT factor (at ranges under 3)?
Yes, generally you're gonna fire your most effective rounds at the APC, tanks will fire AT, Artillery either, and Infantry AI at 3" or less (see rule 7.9).

Can you remove an APC as if a truck?
Can an APC remain on table as fire support after the troops dismount?
No, Spearhead works at a higher level and the act of "dismounting" is actually the decision to send the APCs to the rear indefinitely. While the troops are "mounted" they are actually assumed to be continually mounting and dismounting within each platoon stand and the APCs are assumed to be providing fire support.


I have a plane with rockets attacking an enemy unit. There is only 1 platoon in my beaten zone, can I attack it 3 times?
No. Planes are area effect weapons, you may attack several targets in your beaten zone, but each target may only be attacked once per plane.


In SH are casualties removed at them moment that they become casualties or at the end of the Phase. - In other words can you kill something to open up a new field of fire?
Yes, as they occur, by firing your platoons in the right sequence you can maximise your firepower.

When if at all can unfired platoons which are destroyed return fire?
Only in the same "Phase" that they were destroyed in. ie. A moving tank is destroyed by a moving tank, it still gets to fire back because fire "in each Phase" is simultaneous. If had been destroyed by a stationary tank it would not get to fire back.


Can I claim entrenched when defending a town sector?
No! The only time you can claim this while in a town sector is if you are defending the outskirts from an attacker coming into the outskirts from the open country beyond.

3 to 2 close assault. Do we roll 1 die per side, adding modifiers to both die rolls, and winning side has higher roll (or higher morale if a tie) and 1 losing unit is removed and others withdraw 2 moves? Question was what good was having more units? Do we roll 1 D6 per unit, add the rolls for a side, add the modifiers, and then compare. In this case the attackers would have 2 die and the defenders 3?
First you must pair of the combatants as evenly as possible. You should have a 2 vs 1 combat and a 1 vs 1 combat. You throw 1 die for each platoon in the combat, modifying as appropriate for that platoon! 1 loser dies, (if there are) any other losers they retreat. If this was in a town sector and both sides won 1 combat each you would have to have another combat between the victors!

Can you claim the -1 entrenched modifier if defending woods or other "close" terrain?
No. You must be entrenched to claim this, you could of course be entrenched in the woods!


Summary of situation; Can shoot out of and into outskirts of town sector, but cannot shoot into and can only look out of town sectors. Can shoot troops moving into town squares since they are close assaulting (They get no cover because they are moving)?
Correct on all accounts, but remember a town sector has no outskirts next to a road, or if another terrain feature (eg. fields or a wood) is adjacent!

Can I occupy the outskirts if enemy troops are adjacent to the sector edge?
No, once the enemy are adjacent (in contact with the edge of the sector) they are presumed to have penetrated the outskirts, this is why they can see the occupants of the sector and thereby allowing them to Close Assault!


What can I do when I run onto a minefield? Can I halt, or do I have to keep moving under my attack orders?
All Platoons move as ordered on the turn they contact the minefield. On the turn AFTER they initially contact the minefield...They can treat the minefield as if it were "spotted" enemy. They may attempt to move around it (within the CZ and pivot parameters). They may halt (bring up that Engineer Company)! They may get an order change if they are not being fired upon.


Can I have 1 Battalion acting independantly while the other 2 operate as a brigade?
No. Either all 3 battalions operate together as 1 unit with the Brigade HQ, or they all operate independantly and you attach the Brigade HQ to one of them (which means only 1 of the 3 will be able to change it's orders)!


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