by Alex Macris & John Moher

This rule is based upon the mechanisim that Alex and I devised for Modern Spearhead. Prior to the start of the game, the following should be done:

  1. Allocate which Battalions (Commonwealth Battery's) are assigned to Counter Battery duty. These units may not participate in normal artillery fire and may only conduct counter battery tasks. They should be the units equipped with the largest calibre or longest ranged weapons - it was not normal practivce to have 75mm Howitzers on C.B. duty and 150mm Guns firing barrages and bombardments! Normally this artillery will be from Corps or Army reserve assigned to the Division's sector especially for this task (e.g. British 4.5" Gun Medium Artillery Batterys, U.S. 155mm Long Tom Battalions, etc). Rocket units may not be assigned to C.B. tasks in W.W.II. These units have limited ammunition the same as normal artillery units. Some Nations only assigned a very very small portion of their artillery to this, nations such as the British Commonwealth and the U.S. assigned quite a bit, even their Divisional Field Guns (25pdr, 105mm Howitzer) undertaking C.B. roles sometimes.
  2. Decide whether any Counter Battery spotting unit is present with sound ranging equipment and such. Only one unit is required to direct/assist all the C.B. artillery of the Division.

During the game Counter Battery fire is conduct in the artillery fire phase after all other artillery fire by both sides has been completed. Use the following sequence:

  1. Roll once for every enemy Battalion/Battery that fired this turn (or fired Counter Battery last turn) and that has not already been located. Any unit firing 65mm Guns or larger or 120mm (4.2") Mortars or larger may be located. Throw 5+ to locate, adjusting throw as follows:
    • +2 if British/Commonwealth/U.S. Counter Battery Spotter present with the Division.
    • +1 if German/Italian/French/Soviet Counter Battery Spotter present with the Division.
    • +1 if Target unit has fired for 2 or more consecutive turns.
    • -1 if Target unit fired for the first time in the game or moved/unlimbered in the previous turn.
    • -1 if Target unit is Infantry Guns or Mortars.
    • -1 if no Counter Battery Spotter present.
  2. If the throw required is greater than 6 then throw 2 dice with 11-12 resulting in successful location.
  3. Once located a unit will be automatically spotted each time it fires, until it changes position by moving all its stands at least 6".
  4. Allocate available C.B. units as desired to located enemy Artillery units that fired this turn. Generally fire should be directed at enemy C.B. units or large calibre artillery first then down the chain to lesser targets, firing on mortars and I.G.s only if no other targets are available.
  5. The firing unit will be assumed to spread its fire evenly between all the gun stands of the target.
  6. The C.B. firer must have an equal or greater range than the target if the target is off-table. If the target is on table the C.B. firer is always assumed to have sufficient range.
  7. Resolve Indirect Fire effect against target stands as normal - the location roll above replaces the response roll for normal indirect fire - so just throw for suppression, etc...

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