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Motorcycle Infantry by Alex Macris

These rules are predicated on the idea that motorcycle infantry, as they currently appear in the rules, are too powerful. They are faster than Truck or APC-mounted infantry yet suffer none of their disadvantages.

  1. Like Cavalry, Motorcycle Infantry only have DEF 4.
  2. To be able to claim Infantry Antitank Fire, Motorcycle Infantry must move at 3" or less (dismounted infantry combat speed).

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Indirect Fire M.G. by John Moher

Commonwealth MG Battalions (with Vickers MMG) were trained to fire indirect, and regularly did so. The following is a summary of the procedures for doing so in a game, to be used in conjunction with the standard indirect fire rules on pages 18-22.

  • FO is exactly as Infantry Support Weapons (i.e. Platoons from the battalion the HMGs are attached to) except fire is called by individual platoon (not by Company). This means a Company of 3 HMG would need 3 seperate FO if all 3 stands were to fire indirect in the same turn.
  • Maximum Indirect Range is 24" (Minimum is 9").
  • Indirect Factors are AT:0 AI:4.
  • Ammunition is unlimited (same as Battalion Support Weapons).

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German MG Platoons by Scott Boston

We penalize German MG platoons that Move and Fire;

  • Any MG Platoon that moves and fires has it's AI reduced from 6 to 5.

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