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[ British & U.S. M3 Lee or Grant ]

British & U.S. M3 Lee or Grant by John Moher

The Grant is somewhat penalised by its main armament - we use one of the following two rules to compensate for the 12" range of the 37mm Gun. (Note that the same is not necessary for a Char B1 as both guns have the same maximum range of 9").

  • Allow the Grant to shoot at 9"-12" with AT 3 and AI 3 (cf. M3 Honey)
  • Assign the Grant a range of 9/12" while retaining its AT 5 and AI 5 factors (i.e. if firing at 9"-12" it suffers -1, or in other words AT 4). This is more generous but recognises that long range HE fire by the 75mm would contribute to the AT fire power of the 37mm.

Note late model M3's had the 75mm Gun as the Sherman, so these should simply have the Sherman's AT 6, AI 5, Range 12" instead. The first of these appeared mid-way through the Tunisian Campaign (Mar-May 1943) and are recognisable by the longer gun barrel.

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