for the Greek Army in Spearhead

by Dimitris Christodoulou & John Moher

Infantry Division - 1940-41                 Morale: See Below                  GK

Divisional Headquarters:
1-HQ Stand/Car
1-Rifle Stand

3 Infantry Regiments, each with:
Regimental Headquarters:
1-HQ Cavalry Stand
1 Weapons Company with:
1-81mm Mortar Stand/Pack Animals
-65mm Infantry Gun Stand/Horse Limber*
3 Infantry Battalions, each with:
Battalion Headquarters:
1-HQ Stand
3 Rifle Companies, each with:
4-Rifle Stands
1 MG Company, with:
3-HMG Stands

Divisional Assets & Support Troops

Divisional Reconnaissance Group with:
Battalion Headquarters:
1-HQ Cavalry Stand
Support: 1-HMG Stand/Horses
2 Reconnaissance Squadrons, each with:
4-Cavalry Stands

Divisional Artillery Regiment with:
Regimental Headquarters:
1-HQ Cavalry Stand
2 Artillery Groups, each with:
2-75mm Howitzers/Horse Limbers**
1 Artillery Group with:
2-105mm Howitzers/Horse Limbers

Divisional Pioneer Company with:
4-Engineer Stands/Pack Animals
1-Pontoon Bridge/Wagon Stand


* This is a section of only 2 actual Guns. Treat as a normal stand, but it's DEF is -1 (i.e. only 4 instead of 5) and all fire is at -1 (e.g. Indirect AI is 3 not 4). Any smoke attempts are also at -1 (i.e. require 4+ instead of 3+).

** Assuming the Division had been designated as a "Mountain" Division pre-war, if it had been designated as an "Infantry" Division it would have Field Guns instead. Divisions raised during the war could have either. All Divisions were known simply as Infantry Divisions from early 1940, the Mountain and Infantry distinctions being officially dropped.

Greek Order Changes are successful on a throw of 6, Artillery Response for Battalion Supports succeeds on 4+, for Divisional & Corps weapons on 5+ if they are deployed in prepared positions, otherwise a 6 is required. Greek Artillery can never be in General Support and must be attached to individual battalions.

Infantry Regiments - Some Divisions had only 2 Regiments in 1941 due to manpower shortages.

Author: Dimitris Christodoulou & John Moher

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