6mm & 1/285th FIGURE REVIEW

by John Moher

H&R are the most economic. GHQ are usually acknowledged as the best, and Scotia often referred to as a good compromise. I have about a 50/50 mix of H&R and GHQ/CinC for my WW2 vehicles (with a few odd Skytrex, Scotia and Irregular Guns & Vehicles), and a mix of H&R, Irregular Miniatures, and Hallmark for my Infantry. My Modern Israelis are about 70% GHQ and 30% Scotia and H&R, my Arabs are entirely Scotia, both lots of Infantry are Hallmark.

Generally my view is:


  • GHQ - excellent/the best - but expensive!
  • CinC - nice - but also expensive.
  • Scotia - Nice detail, sort of the middle of the road - pricing okay.
  • H&R - Little lacking in appearance (need good paint jobs) - pricing okay.
  • Skytrex - Not that good, but then they're the only Matilda I models I know of, and I used their 25pdrs for my Artillery - pricing is okay.
  • Irregular - their WW2 vehicles are a real "Lucky Dip", but some of the Guns and WWI stuff are good!!


  • GHQ/CinC - too skinny and fiddley! I don't like them!
  • H&R - Nice and tidy but nothing outstanding.
  • Irregular - very good, chunky, sort of 7mm really, detail not always the best - good price too!
  • Scotia - never seen any.
  • Hallmark/Mainforce - Excellent - these are my choice for all future infantry requirements.

Also NavWar do some stuff, mostly remakes of H&R models (like H/Tracks with Infantry sitting in the back added), and there are a couple of other small operators in the UK that I haven't seen!

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